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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Astrology Solutions Network website. The primary objective of this website is to provide an astrology report service, and also to promote our professional astrology readings and consulting more

Astrology can help you to fulfill your highest purpose. Look to your horoscope to shed light on your talents, challenges and the lessons you need to achieve loving relationships, happiness and to progress your career. Learn how others have gained insight and guidance into themselves, their partners and their family.....TESTIMONIALS

Child-Rearing Manual
Learn the secrets shown in the horoscope
WHAT could anticipate your child’s nurturing needs from day one?  Each baby is unique, and with the aid of astrology, the horoscope provides a wealth of information for parents to work more

Astrology is a magical symbolic language that uniquely describes our character, innate qualities, traits, skills, talents, potentials and challenges.

Why does Astrology work?  Perhaps it is the Universe’s subtle code to help us here on earth to navigate our journey through life. Using our personal "road-map", we are better equipped to understand our lessons and identify opportunities as they arise.

What can Astrology do for you?

Expand your consciousness and self awareness
Discover your Karmic life lessons from your birth chart
Get another perspective; understand how others really see you
Gain validation of your quirky traits, and learn to love the real you
Learn about your partner to enhance your relationship
Develop & nurture your children in accordance with their needs
Discover your latent talents and find your passion
Gain guidance with career direction or transition
Helps you be prepared to successfully navigate change
Find direction and meaning in your life
Understand why you encounter obstacles or setbacks

Horoscope Reports

The wide variety of horoscopes and general reports include; birth chart analysis, personality profiles for babies, children and teens, relationship compatibility, composite relationship, forecasts, including solar returns, secondary progressions, solar arcs and a tarot report.

All reports can be evaluated by clicking on Celebrity Sample Reports to review the content and writing style of each. Use this experience to imagine how this information could assist you in your own development and understanding of yourself, your family as well as your past, current and future circumstances.

Fate is the hand you were dealt -- Destiny is how you play it

Discover your “Soul Purpose and Destiny”. Your horoscope forms the core to understanding your Cosmic Life Plan. From this karmic map, your destiny is clearly shown, including why you have or will encounter challenging circumstances, relationships or life events. Life on earth supplies the lessons to achieve growth of Soul and Spirit. Your objective is to leave the world a better place for having been here.

Through acknowledgment and understanding of your true path, you can release the negative karma and accept the positive karma as repayment for your past good deeds.

Fate and free-will are intertwined. There are just some things that you have no control over; your heredity, gender, race, culture etc., however, there are many areas where you do have choices. With self-awareness and a conscious understanding of what your Soul/Spirit wants to achieve as opposed to fulfilling your ego's desires, you are able to become the person you were meant to be.

Transform your life – Redefine your self-esteem – Live your destiny

Consultation Services

Horoscope readings are available for individuals and couples in person in Kawana Island, Parrearra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland or by Zoom or Skype. Please review our Consultation page for more information on all services available. Consultations are recorded if requested.

All consultation services are provided with a no charge or a money back guarantee. We aim to provide superior and quality services to ensure your total satisfaction.

Please telephone Monika for a no obligation conversation to discuss your interest in any astrology service; reports, consultation or any general enquiry. Often this helps to assure you of our professionalism and dedication to promoting the responsible practice and use of astrology.

Free Email/Telephone Contact

As a value added service, please feel free to contact us to discuss any consultation service or report.

Use this opportunity to gain helpful advice and guidance about the full range of services and report options that would suit your needs.

Also, unlimited email contact available for all ASN clients wishing to ask questions about any report/s you may have purchased. Further clarification or explanations may be required to help you understand your report/s.

Gift certificates are also available and are personalised and structured to suit any special occasion or specific request.

Email to arrange a personal discussion: Monika

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