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If you are fascinated by the magic of the Tarot and you have been searching for a message or inspiration from some external source - consider a Tarot Report. These revealing cards have a mystical quality and when read in accordance with your question, have an uncanny ability to supply the right guidance and answer.

Inside Tarot

Tarot cards are used as a means of predicting events or receiving guidance related to both inner (spiritual) and outer (material) world.

The Major Arcana show the major events in our lives, while the Minor and Court Arcana provide the more mundane details of everyday life.

Tarot cards can be considered as stories conveyed in pictures. As our minds think in symbols, becoming acquainted with symbolism of the Tarot cards could actually enhance our intuition.

The following example shows the meanings of the four suits.

The Suits

  • Wands; Ideas, conception and growth - the first stage of development.
  • Cups; Emotion, feelings - conditions internalising prior to an outward manifestation.
  • Swords; Action - activity, agitation or acceleration, the last stages of effort prior to the final result.
  • Pentacles/Coins; Manifestation, culmination - conditions taking form or are in the process of being demonstrated.

Your Personalised Report

There are a variety of different spreads available, and also a choice of Tarot Decks; as it is important to choose the deck that you identify with or which strikes a chord and aligns to your level of growth and understanding at the time of your reading.

Being open to receive guidance is the major attribute required in reading your report, if you truly want to gain insight.

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A Tarot reading can provide guidance for those times when you are confused or need a sign from the universe to confirm your own thoughts or feelings